Cedar Rapids Composite Squadron
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Cedar Rapids Composite Squadron Emblem Symbolism 


The Cedar Rapids Composite Squadron emblem symbolizes our missions, values, tradition, and region.

1) Blue background. Blue represents "the sky," aerospace, and the primary theater of the Air Force.

2) Yellow font and frame. In heraldic, yellow means the elevation of mind, excellence, highest values, honor, justice, and loyalty.

3) Dark orange arrow. (Heraldic Tenne). In the military heraldic orange represents endurance, pride, and strength to achieve our missions. The arrow points to the upper sky, between a Hawkeye and the state of Iowa.

4) Hawkeye. The Hawkeye symbolizes Iowans, their volunteerism, and their support for their communities. The five-pointed star marks our squadron's hometown in Iowa. In heraldic, a single star represents unity and symbolizes our members shared efforts to fulfill our missions.  

5) Shield. The patch is a shield representing our strength and endurance. It is also the standard for CAP squadron's emblems.   

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